What is a cold foam mattress?

March 19, 2019

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The cold foam mattress is made of high-quality polyurethane foam. This is poured in blocks and hardens in cold temperatures. Therefore, the cold foam mattress also has its name. The open pores of the cold foam ensure good ventilation of the mattress. They are point elastic, regulate the moisture perfectly and are breathable at the same time. Thanks to these excellent properties, cold foam mattresses are very popular mattresses.

Their dry climate makes them a good mattress for allergy sufferers and people with MSC alike. If the cold foam mattress is relieved by pressure and then relieved again, it retains its original shape. The mattress does not spring, but catches all movements and dampens them. Since cold foam mattresses are lightweight, they can be turned around easily. They can even be rolled up or folded and still retain their excellent properties. The mattresses firmness levels of manufacturers can serve as an aid in buying how hard a mattress is.

That is why they can be used on a flexibly adjustable slatted frame or an electric slatted frame without any problems.

For whom is a cold foam mattress suitable?

Suitable for:

  • allergic
  • People who do not sweat
  • Abdominal, back and side sleepers
  • People with back pain
  • all slatted frames
  • restless sleepers

Persons who are medium hard to firm

For example, if the heavy hips sink deeper into the mattress, the body is generally straighter. This prevents back pain. The individual zones of the cold foam mattress are directed towards the human body: there is a hip area in the middle; symmetrically the areas for the shoulders, the head, and the pelvis are arranged symmetrically. It does not matter which side of the cold foam mattress the head is on. If the cold foam mattress is of good quality, it is suitable for almost any type of sleep. Check out our best collection of mattress sale.

Children/babies: Of course, matching the dimensions of cots (60×120 cm) and cots (70×140 cm), the corresponding cold foam mattress is available as a child mattress. Since the cold foam mattress is suitable for allergy sufferers, it also offers children a sensitive surface when sleeping.